Hand selected Standard Grade Bucktails


We have literally gone through an opened every bag, lovingly caressed each tail and graded each tail either Premium or Standard. There will always be variation in tails and what may suit a 14" Beast Fleye may not suit a 1/0 Clouser, so its not fair to price them the same or label them the same. 

Standard Grade tails are selected for length and hair quality. Some tails still have long hair but it will be stiff, making them perfect for Bulkhead Fleyes, or spinning Bucktail on Buford head flies. Other tails are still soft an wavey but a little shorter than A Grade, making them perfect for Clousers of all sizes, Deceivers up to 4/0 and Bucktail Game Changers to achieve taper. These tails are also great for blending in highlights for cheeks and darker tops. Average length is 3-4" and will vary in length over the length of the tail and between tails.

 The tails in the "Standard Grade " Pile are still full fluffy tails, and still of high quality. We also have tails available in the clearance section which are great for small flies or beginners and are priced accordingly.