Professionally Graded Standard Length Bucktails


Standard Length Bucktail, well standard for us means that these tails have been graded to ensure that they are between 3”-4” long and always of excellent quality. You may have noticed the name change to Standard Length, we did this to avoid confusion about the quality, its only the length that warrants the standard tag. Some tails have different length hides, but the yield of these tails is all very similar.

These tails are ideal for Clousers, Deceivers, small to medium Hollows without a specific request. However if you require hair that suits Bulkhead Deceivers, Ragdollys, Bucktail Game Changers or Bufords/ 747's as an example, please request this in the checkout and we will cherry pick the perfect tail for you.

All tails are sourced and sold to Beast Brushes exclusively, no one else in the world purchases from our source. The location of these Deer is from one of the most northern part of the United States which means that these tails exist in brutal cold conditions and the hair shows this. Hair that has endured these sorts of conditions is thicker and feels softer/ fluffier than tails sourced in a warmer climate.

At first glance, our tails may not look that different from a tails sourced in a warmer climate like Tennessee, until you feel the hair while on the vice or see it in the water and how that extra insulation and small amount of lanolin we leave in moves throughout the water.

Graded and processed by professional fly tyer Chris Adams of Ammo flies, you can be guaranteed that your tails are graded and selected by someone who ties and fishes with these unique tails in the same places you do.
Hide length will vary, grading is for hair length and quality only. Unless requested, tails will be selected randomly.