Flats Craft Ghost Shrimp Frames


The Ghost Shrimp. Follow the steps and get a list of tying materials by clicking this link to the Flats Craft YouTube channel “How to tie a Ghost Shrimp” 

The Flats Craft Ghost Shrimp has been meticulously designed to ensure your fly does exactly what you want it to do in the water. We are lucky enough to live right next to saltwater flats so none of this is guess work, tank testing or copying other companies work.... just like the entire Flats Craft range.

When tied as shown in the “How to tie a Ghost Shrimp” video above, we can tell you that that method of tying will not foul, will not flip, it will not spin in the water when stripped. This tying design took a long time and had a lot of failures.. but now it’s perfect.

5 frames per pack

Combo suggestions 

  • Large - Size1 Ahrex SA280/ 25mm Shank/ Medium dumbbells/ Medium Keel weight
  •  Medium- Size 2 Ahrex SA280/ 25mm Shank/ Medium or Small Dumbbells/ Medium or Small Keel weight 
  • Small - Size 4 Ahrex SA280 / 20mm Shank / Small Dumbbells/ Small Keel weight