E6000 Waterproof Flexible Glue


Now available in 3 sizes!!

They say it bonds to anything, and it does !! E6000 isn't new but it certainly has some awesome applications for Flytying. When compared to superglue ( cyanoacrylate adhesive ) E6000 is far superior because unlike superglue, it is waterproof, very important for flies as obvious as that may seem. E6000 is also clear, UV resistant and permanently flexible.

E6000 will stick anything to anything and even the smallest blob will stick say 3D eyes to even the most outer fibres of a fly, or create a permanent flexible bond for gurgler foam, Crab bodies or any other application you can think of. 

If you need screw on tips, you can find them in our store to suit this tube too 

Available in a convenient 7.2g, 20.1g (14.7ml) and 40.2g (30ml) tube of E6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive. It's the classic E6000 adhesive with the highest strength adhesion.

Directions for Use:

Store container tightly closed. Read directions before use.
  1. Surface should be clean, dry and free from dirt. For best results, lightly roughen the surface before use.
  2. Puncture the tube seal using the point in the cap. Ideal application temperature range is 10 to 32°C. However, fully cured adhesive can withstand temperatures from -40 to 82°C intermittently.
  3. Apply directly to surfaces to be bonded or repaired.
  4. Allow 24 hours to cure. Depending on the materials and temperature, maximum strength may not be reached for 48-72 hours. Will hold in moments and is waterproof from moment of application
  5. For future easy cap removal, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the tube thread before replacing the cap.
  6. Clean uncured adhesive with acetone or citrus-based solvents. Cured adhesive may be removed by cutting or scraping.


Cannot ship overseas, Australian residents only. Ships by road only