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You ever feel like after all that effort to select material for that perfect shrimp or crab pattern that the standard lead dumbbells just create a focal point where it isn't needed ? Yep, so do we... This is the thought process that gave birth to "DisgEyes", painted lead dumbbells that blend in rather than compete with your material selection or assembly of materials. 

These colours have been selected to blend in with a range of both tropical and non tropical skinny water situations. Painted in house with a matte paint that offers that no glare stealth approach, these eyes are sure to cover a range of situations that will appeal to educated fish. 

After all why bother putting black epoxy eyes on a shrimp fly as a trigger point, only to put a dark grey set of dumbbells on the back ? I guess it depends on how pressured your fish are. 

DisgEyes are available in Small, Medium and Large in packs of 10