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Natural Bucktail - Deceiver Grade


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When there is so much variation in natural materials, it would be unfair to price them all the same. It's for that reason that we handle each tail listed on this website and sort them out into grades. Coloured tails are now listed individually. 

Deceiver grade tails are just a bit short for larger flies but perfect for Hollows, Beasts, Bulkhead deceivers, Bufords and of course any Deceiver type fly of which there are many.  Flies of this description up to 4/0- 6/0 (depending on hook model). Obviously not limited to Deceivers, these tails like all our tails offer soft hair that won't make your Flies look like that have been tied with broom bristles, unless you want them too ( Bufords, Bulkheads etc) . Hand dyed and processed in Australia, our tails are hand graded by a professional fly tyer who also fishes like you.

Some of these tails just have small hides and again are not good enough for the next grade up for that reason but have hair around 4.25". On average the hair on these tails is 4" - 3.9" (10.5cm- 9.7cm ).  

Want that extra inch ? Consider blending the Bucktail with Nayat found HERE

Don't pay too much for higher graded Bucktail that's going to be cut in half . Fair prices for great quality tails.