Cortland Pike / Musky Float


For those topwater wizards who are putting the time into those surface busting Murray Cod, we all know you want to create more and more noise, but with noisy water displacing bugs comes more air resistant bugs... lets face it that tropical taper line wasn't meant for a 6/0 Dahlberg was it ? And why should you have to down size your fly because there are no lines suitable for those short accurate casts you need. No longer do you need to spend any more time with your fly in the air instead of the water... cover more water during those low light times with a line that's designed to present the meal that fly you have never moved needs. Check out these specs below. 

The Specialty Series Pike Musky Float presents large bulky flies in the upper water column. A short, aggressive head turns over large flies with ease. Our X-Strong Core provides extra core strength and exceptional handling in the coldest months. 

  • Full Floating Fly Line  
  • Aggressive Taper Design 
  • X-Strong Core