Hareline Brass Dumbbell Eyes - Natural Colours


Hourglass Brass Eyes, for adding action to the fly by adding weight. The most popular sizes for saltwater flies like Shrimps, Clousers and Alphlexo Crabs, that also suit any fresh water Clouser or Gotcha variation you can think of. 

Use plain Brass Eyes where you want a a lighter eye than Lead and don’t need to bring attention to the eye with a pupil. Suits crab flies and shrimp flies or any buggy application that a pupil is not necessarily needed. Brass is also more durable around pliers or rocks when compared to lead, it’s also less likely to burr. 

20 per pack

3 Sizes -

Small (1/8", 3.2mm)

Medium (5/32", 4mm)

Large (3/16", 4.8mm)