Beast Brushes T-Shirt " Clouser"


PRE SALE - Shirts expected by the 20th of Jan 2021

Imagine sitting around the pub with a few mates and one of your lesser evolved lure chucking mates asks " What's that ?" .... you take a sip of your VB sit back and casually say, " Its a Clouser mate, everything eats a Clouser".... then everyone laughs and you get the chicks.

If that sounds like you, grab yourself this unique in house design on a quality Gildan Hammer T-Shirt in black.

As mentioned this is pre sale. We will be getting a few extras in each size but not many. This will likely be a one off run of this design. The reason for the pre sale is to get an idea of sizing.

For shirt info and sizing, follow this link Gildan T- Shirts

In the event that you wish to add to the shipping when the shirts arrive, we will issue you a code so you don't double up on anything you want to add to the parcel. This applies to both domestic and international sales.