BB Fibre


For the first time we are offering hanks in the same materials we make our 240v Brushes from. If the BB Fibre reminds you of EP fiber, well.... it should.

Soft and very light fibre with a slight crimp, that will go translucent in the water. The BB Fibre will not absorb water and will shed water on the first back cast. We use this material because it's easy to sculpt, it doesn't tangle, and if your looking to make your own brushes, it's a dream to work with.

The BB fibre is very well suited to the same uses that you would expect from using very very similar materials... these uses include Crab flies, 3D baitfish patterns, Shrimp flies and wing material.

When we got this BB Fibre toll manufactured we were able to request the material to be made with a density that is equal to water, this gives the material suspending qualities when other similar materials do not. This makes BB Fibre the ideal choice when density is needed but without compromising the action of the fly.