Bait Ball Brush

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Please allow up to 2 days for these to ship as we haven't had time to make stock, but we are fully going hard to make stock!!

Developed specifically for the very popular 3" Game Changer. Used in conjunction with the Ahrex NS172 #2 for light work that includes fish such as Bass and Saratoga, Trout, Redfin, Jungle Perch, Bream or Sooties. Or for heavier work the Kona BGH 1/0 for species such as Jewfish, Flathead, Mangrove Jack, Barramundi, Murray Cod, Giant Herring and Trevally. Also try the Ahrex SA280 Minnow hook in 1/0 or 2/0

The perfect density to achieve a very realistic action. the Bait Ball Brush has been extensively tested by Chris from Ammo Flies following the success he has had by introducing the 3" Game Changer to his customers for Australian species a few years ago. This is the next level for ease of tying and a much more realistic profile that still has a great action.

Not only for game changers, these brushes are also great for small baitfish patterns or filler brushes for streamers. They are also excellent for shrimp flies, and  for dubbed body streamers.

1 pack includes 3 brushes of the same colour.