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Angry Adams fly

After 4 years of commercial level, custom fly tying, I was able to gauge what patterns were absolutely necessary if I was to swap over and tie stock, and there’s no doubt that this fly was in my top 3 most popular from the very beginning.
When Chris Adams (owner of Beast Brushes and Ammo Flies) designed this pattern for impoundment Barramundi, he needed a fly that could work it’s way through heavy timber and weed, which is where these fish like to feed. After fishing lefty’s bendback deceivers with some success, he still saw plenty of room for improvement, and the need for a fly that would perform in these types of habitat is how the Angry Adams was born. It also happens to suit tons of other species and situations too, so it became an incredibly popular fly for both Chris and his customers.

I’m tying them with natural materials that are cherry-picked from chris, and using his pro model bendback hook, the SA258 CA released by Ahrex Hooks, so you can be absolutely sure you’re getting the highest quality flies possible.