Ahrex SALTWATER RANGE SA280 Minnow Hook


The new Ahrex Saltwater range is a highly anticipated addition to the already world class Ahrex range. These hooks have been developed with input from some of the very best fisherman and fly tyers in the world, including Beast brushes co-owner Chris from Ammo Flies. 

These chemically sharpened hooks have been developed using only the very best materials and manufacturing techniques. The manufacturing technique is that they do not harden the steel as much as other brands. although these hooks still have incredible tensile strength, they are designed to prevent snapping and still allow the angler to sharpen to hook if necessary  

In our opinion, the Minnow hook could be the best thing to happen in the development of the "Game Changer" platform since beast Brushes was born haha. With the fast bend design, it allows the tail of shanks to come in closer to the hook, This not only looks neat but  also reduces the centrifugal force as the hook swings, further increasing the action of the fly. These could also be a great step forward in the Surf candy game too.

If you would like a PDF specification sheet that you can print to scale to see the size of these hooks, please email us at beastbrushes@gmail.com and we will send it to you asap, we may even throw in a deal via email for you.