The Australian designed Saltwater Bendback hook..... Put simply, there is no other baitfish fly that is as weedless or has the non flex hook setting power that a Bendback has. 

Designed by the owner of Beast Brushes in collaboration with Ahrex, the SA258 is heavily based on the Angry Adams fly. The length of the tiable area is well thought out, as is the incredes gape compared to the traditional PR320 hook. also the eye is oversized to offer weight balance and to accommodate larger bite tippets associated with Barramundi. The gauge is also more inline with the SA270 Bluewater hook. 

Whether you're tying the Angry Adams, Bendback Deceiver, Hot Rod or Prince of Tides, this Bendback hook has the perfect bend, gape, gauge, and eye to suit everything that makes a Bendback fly perfect

6/0, 4/0 and 2/0