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240v Colour Fades


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Availability resumes 16th of May 2024 - due to manufacturing maintenance

With the success of our Yowie Grad brushes being the first colour faded brushes commercially available worldwide, we now present the same concept in our incredibly popular 240v Brushes !!

9 popular colour combinations that not only fade the core fibres, but also the flash. These fades are to be used in conjunction with the existing 240v range of brushes.

Brushes are presented as a twin pack (2 brushes per pack)  and like all of our brushes are the only brush sold worldwide in an environmentally responsible paper bag. 

Brush is 33cm long and 50-55mm wide 

Recommended and designed for 4" - 6" Game Changers

Be sure to checkout the "How to Tie a Game Changer" video on this website