Fleye Foils by Bob Popovics

 The Surf Candy style FLEYES are my go to patterns for small baits such as Bay Anchovies, Silversides and Sand Eels. They all feature a prominent eye, a lateral line and a belly sack.   All were tied in separately in a wide variety of ways.  This attention to detail added time to the making of the FLEYE in most cases.   NOW, everything has changed with the introduction of FLEYE FOILS. 
 They are designed to have the overall shape of the belly, lateral line and eye,  all in one!  Including mouth and gill markings too. 
The best idea about FLEYE FOILS is there are two sides to each FLEYE to allow effective curing of the new acrylics. FLEYE FOILS have convenient tying tabs to make attaching them simple.    Put it all together and making a more lifelike and effective Surf Candy has never been easier.  
Give them a try. 
Bob Popovics