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Yowie Blend Grad Brush Kits


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Temporarily unavailable 15th of March 2023. Due to backlog of orders, brushes are offline until we catch up. Estimated time 23rd of March. Apologies for any inconvenience

We are proud to offer in kit form the Grad Brushes for big articulated flies. Made with of our proprietary fibre "Yowie Blend" in conjunction with or "Beast Articulation Shanks" these kits suit Game Changers 7"-8" long. The "Grad Brush Kits' come in colours that blend together along the length of the fly. Colour selection is a mix of  both UV and non UV active colours.

For your colours, simply attach a note in the checkout of what colour scheme you want... this is a custom order for colour selection. If you do not stipulate what colours you like, we will pick colours at random. Pick from our Yowie Fibre Range for colours available. (ensure that colour is in stock by checking the drop down menu in the Yowie Fibre section)

With a variety of colours already on offer, the Grad Brush Kits, like a lot of our range in in its infancy and will grow with us and soon will have a much larger variety of colours on offer.

The only things you need is suitable thread, Raidzap resin for use as head cement, and RaidZap Flex to coat the nose and  eyes (Do not use a non flexible resin, as durability will be severely reduced)

To learn how to tie Game Changers, see the Fly tying lesson tab in the main menu. 

Kits consist of;

  • Grad Brush to suit the length of the Game Changer needed
  • The correct amount of Beast Articulation Shanks
  • Saddle hackles for the tail
  • A hook to suit the size Game Changer your after
  • A set of 15mm eyes from the Beast Brushes range of eyes
  • Tungsten keel weight
  • 60lb coated 7 strand wire to join your shanks to the hook

Please specify colour when ordering by selecting from the Yowie Fibre range.

These are all made in house at Beast Brushes, on The Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

(Tabs for the Slow Water Game Changer are not painted, just plain colour, make sure to specify that colour too)