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Stealth Bomber Fly Kit


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The Stealth Bomber fly was invented by a guy called Kent Edmonds. To my Knowledge, Kent designed this as a large Mouth Bass fly, but this fly is equally as effective here on Australian fish.

The Stealth Bomber fly has a unique action and is almost a cross between a Dahlberg Diver and a Gartside Gurgler. The fly will bloop when stripped hard, which will also make it to dive ( a unique action that is hard to replicate with any fly or lure) but is equally effective at rest with its incredible buggy look. 

In this kit I have replaced the rubber legs of the front with a combination of Marabou and Beast Bug dubbing, the same goes for the tail. Also there is a small tuft of Belly hair in between the tie in points that us traditionally flash. 

4 Flies per pack for each size option

Small is on a #6 hook

Medium is on a #2 hook

Large is on a 2/0 hook