Squid Fly Articulated White 1/0 Glow Eyes

Squid Fly Articulated White 1/0 Glow Eyes. $19.50
Squid Fly's. A time consuming Fly to tie but well worth it. Kingfish usually respond well to a Squid Fly stripped past the school. The white eye option have UV Glow eyes. Articulated Squid fly's are a must have for Sydney Harbour Kingfish. Built from quality components with a 325 lb stainless steel shank, 44lb Owner split ring and Ahrex SA280 Minnow # 1/0 hook.The Fly has been tuned to swim correctly with a custom weighted shank. Reasonably easy to cast and sinks just below the surface with a nice amount of buoyancy once fully wet.
Price is per fly and cannot be shipped with products outside of Hackett's Fly's products without separate shipping