RaidZap UV Resin SUPER THIN 0.5oz

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A very low viscous UV Resin that has excellent penetrating and incredible adhesion properties. RaidZap Super thin is unparalleled as a UV head cement, flies dry in seconds, the product will NOT re-hydrate and finishes as an odorless durable coating making RaidZap SUPER thin great for very spooky fish. Also used in very fine details scenarios allowing the tier excellent control.  The RaidZap SUPER Thin UV Resin drys tack free and gin clear and cures in seconds.

RaidZap cures with any UV light on the market

Raidzap Thin contains Bio-organic materials,that causes no harm to humans, animals or the environment 

15 ml / 0.5 oz bottle with stainless steel needle applicator and screw cap brush. 100% tack free for flytying. Cures hard and crystal clear. Comes in clear zip bag with black Raidzap cover logo. Raidzap adheres to the ECHA chemicals law.

 Ask for the RaidZap MSDS, you will be amazed when you compare the health benefits compared to other brands!!