RaidZap G10 Bobbin

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The Rolls Royce of Bobbins has arrived !! The new and very original G10 adjustable Bobbin is not just for professional and commercial tiers. If you value your time at the vice, a high level of attention to detail, well thought out reliable tying tools and consistent control over your work, then the Danish engineered G10 Bobbin from RaidZap is for you.

The RaidZap G10 Bobbin is fully adjustable and is many bobbins in the one box. Comes packaged with a small adjustable cone and a large adjustable cone as well as two different length tungsten carbide tubes to suit your tying style.

Nice and sturdy legs to ensure your spool doesn't pop out even when pulling down on stacked Deerhair with GSP thread!!

An excellent weight at 25 grams feels very comfortable and easy to control in your hand.

With the G10 being at this weight it allows to the tier to leave the vice and maintain tension on the work until your return.

If you have broken bobbins before or are changing between fly sizes and finding it difficult to work with the one size bobbin then these are just a couple of reasons the G10 Bobbin is for you