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RaidZap 365 UV TORCH


Raidzap 365 Pro is a new generation industry leading UV flashlight, that boasts a massive 5 watts of power with a dual wavelength lens that covers the correct  wavelength needed for all UV resins. Developed with RZ 9010 UV slow pass technology, the RaidZap 365 PRO is fitted with a 18650 Lithium 2450 mAh battery.

The RaidZap 365 PRO has an LED indicator light that is red while charging and green when finished charging. The Lithium battery has hundreds of charge cycles reducing the need to replace the battery which is great for the environment. The Lithium battery also has approximately 10 hours of run time.

The unique charging feature doesn't require you to take out battery during charging!! Just connect the USB cable (Provided) directly into the RZ 365 PRO via a portable power-bank or USB adapter (such as a phone charger) to charge the battery that is still inside the torch, while you use it if you like. You can use the light at full power while connected to the charger. No need to buy travel adapters or buy chargers to suit Australian power points.

Comes with USB cable to charge the 18650 battery. The RZ 365 PRO is like a UV flashlight should be from startup, powerful, USB connection, made with environmentally friendly material, and developed to set any brand of UV resin for fly tying. The most powerful UV flashlight on the market is from Raidzap. Using the RZ 365 PRO, for Raidzap Thin, Medium and Thick, will give you the best performance from your resin.

The RZ 365 Pro does not lose brightness as the battery is used. It continues to emit the same wattage and strength of UV light all the time until it runs out of power. With the Rz 365 PRO you have full power all the time.

Rz 365 pro - Developed by Fly tiers for Fly tiers