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Pat Cohens Stacked Deerhair Diver DVD


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The final word in instruction for tying all Deerhair flies. Detailed step by step shown by the man who developed the modern way we now deal with Deerhair, Pat Cohen.

This DVD outlines what is involved to tie a Deerhair Diver (Dahlberg Diver), but these same techniques can be used to to tie Deerhair Frogs, Birds, Cicadas, Lizards and  Snakes, the creations possible are limited by your imagination. 

Included in the DVD, you will learn about the tools that are needed, how to manage large amounts of Deerhair, how to trim your fly with a razor blade, how to put a weedguard on, how to put eyes on and how to seal and finish the.

This is as comprehensive as it gets for those wanting to learn how to get Deerhair so tight you could sand it.