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Snow Runner

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Nayat or Snowrunner is a great hair wing material that is used for streamers. The hair originates from a fairly uncommon breed of farm animal that is domestically bred. The hair is slightly stiffer and more translucent than Icelandic Pony, or Arctic Runner, and does not mat in the water like Icelandic Sheep or Llama.  These hides are exclusively imported by Beast Brushes and hand picked for quality. Perfect for big Hollow Fleyes, Bucktails Deceivers Bulkheads, even clousers, basically any baitfish pattern that you can either pad out the length of bucktail or use Nayat by itself. Nayat or Snowrunner is translucent and has a slight crinkle to the hair so that the wings retains volume in the water just like Bucktail. The under fur and shorter guard hair has a texture that is somewhat between Polar Bear and Fox and is an excellent material for smaller flies, such as Bonefish fly wings, shrimp fly chins, Dahlberg and foam popper tails or as mentioned earlier, a simple clouser. The under fur that is combed out makes for a very good dubbing also.  One patch will suffice for many wings making it a very cost-effective material. Nayat or Snowrunner is also a perfect material for making your own brushes. The length of hair varies quite a bit, from a minimum of 5″ to a maximum of 10″ let us know in the checkout if you want a long or a short patch of hair.  For best result, Nayat (Snowrunner) should be brushed and ironed before use.