Kona Big Game Hunter Hooks


Since the arrival of Kona hooks ( new kid on the block hook manufacturer) Chris from Ammo Flies has been tying with them for his customers and himself. To say that so far this model Kona hook has well and truly proven itself as a strong, sharp and durable hook is an understatement, it really has been put through the ringer. We are stoked to present at least this model to Australia as a great hook for a massive range of patterns. 

This is a very popular hook for use as a short shanked, wide gape, slight stinger big game hook that ranges in sizes from #8 - 6/0. Tuna, Kingfish, Barra, Cod, Jewfish and Mangrove Jack are the targets with this hook. These suit flies like Clousers, Surf candies, Game Changers and Deceivers are very suitable for this hook.

Comparable to the Gamakatsu SL12s 1 x Short or the Tiemco 600sp

Sizes and Quantities are as follows;

  • #8 x 16 Hooks
  • #6 x 16 Hooks
  • #4 x 14 Hooks
  • #2 x 14 Hooks
  • #1 x 14 Hooks
  • 1/0 x 12 Hooks
  • 2/0 x 12 Hooks
  • 3/0 x 10 Hooks
  • 4/0 x 8 Hooks
  • 6/0 x 8 Hooks