Hareline Large Northern Bucktails


Hareline Large Northern Bucktails.  These Bucktails are what we would consider to be a high standard compared to other big name brands. These tails display variation yet are still reasonably soft for a commercial tail and still have a small trace of lanolin in them which is what you want. We have graded these into 2 grades.

Grade 1 - Comparable with our standard range, grade  has been selected for hair length exceeding 3.5" at the longest length.

Grade 2 - Comparable with our Clouser range, grade 2 has been selected to have a hair length equal too or less than 3.5"

One tail per bag

Due to the vast variation between these tails in addition to the quality of commercial tails, please let us know if you want a certain type of hair by shooting us a message via email or social media and we will do our best to select the hair you want or advise you that we don't think any are suitable.