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Bucktail - Hareline Large Northern


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Hareline Large Northern Bucktails.  These Bucktails are of uncompromising quality when compared to other major brand tails. These tails display the expected natural variation which is why they have been professionally graded into 2 grades by Chris Adams of @Ammo_Flies. With such strict grading, you know these tails that are getting sent to you are not just randomly selected, they are carefully picked based on your needs by someone who has a lot of experience tying the flies you want to tie.

Grade 1 - Has been selected for hair length exceeding 4" as a minimum length. Hair length in this category can range from 4" to 6". Grade 1 hair has been selected for hair quality in addition to length, the hide has not been taken into consideration. Please reach out as hair intended for Hollow Fleyes or Beasts is different to hair intended for Bulkheads which is also different for hair intended for Flatwings. For Clousers, you are wasting your money with Grade 1.

Grade 2 - Have been selected to have a hair length equal too or less than 4"- 3.5". Some tails have longer hair, but may not have made it into Garde 1 due to hair quality not desirable for large technical flies but is well suited to Bendbacks, Deceivers etc. Grade 2 hair is of excellent quality for those tails graded by hair length alone, and is ideal for Clousers, bulkheads, medium to small flatwings, Bucktail Game Changers, Deerhiar fly tails, popper etc. Nothing in this category is of poor quality, its mainly just shorter but really close to grade 1 tails. Most tails in grade 2 tip out over 4"

One tail per bag

Please let us know if you want a certain type of hair by shooting us a message via email or social media and we will do our best to select the hair you want or advise you that we don't think any are suitable. We will do our absolute best to make sure you get the tail you want.