Gav's Crab Kit


Free tutorial in this description below

Gav's Crab, developed by Australian Fly Fisho Gavin Davis, this unique assembly of  material creates a simple Moon Crab that is technically perfect, let me explain.

  • Has less cast weight - the materials have no water retention when out of the water out of the water and offer little resistance in the air when casting due to the lack of furry materials. 
  • The placement of materials and the bended hook ensure the fly flips simply by employing the drag of the water and the leader to make sure it lands perfect every time. 
  • Less weight needed - Run the crab much lighter than traditional Moon crab flies, as there is little drag on the materials in the water affected by tidal flow and the air or any addition of foam. 
  • The ultra realistic StreamArt Moon Crab legs don't fold or foul and are aesthetically perfect without any colour needed. 
  • Quick and easy to tie, faster than a flexo crab. 

This fly has only been used in small circles and until now was kept as a secret between friends. It is guaranteed to be a hit on the Australian and other Indo pacific flats from now on.

(edit) 12 months on and it has literally caught triple figures of Permit now... how many 12 month old flies can say that !!

Kit includes;

  • 6 Hooks (Now SA254 Jig hooks. No bending hooks anymore) 
  • 6 legs
  • 15g of sticky tungsten putty
  • 30 cm of 1/4" Tan Flexo tube

SBS pics courtesy of Gavin Davis 

Permit - Beast Brushes owner Chris Adams

Here is a video on how to tie the crab (Temporarily removed... still available with purchase)