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Double Barrel head Rat kit


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 Originally developed by American Fly tier Steve Yewchuck @envisionflyworks this Double Barrel head rat has been popular among Murray Cod fisherman in Australia. We at Beast Brushes have broken down this simple tie and now offer it as a kit. A variety of sizes will follow soon, but for now we are offering a 4/0 Rat using the Ahrex TP610. We prefer to offer the straight shanked hook as a worm hook  or Texas rig hook (as seen in Australia) is a very poor transfer of hook setting energy because of the flex in the bend. 

Kit consists of-

  • Black Extra-Large Double Barrel Head
  • Correct size white eyes
  • Ahrex TP610 4/0 hook
  • Craft fur zonker strip or Rat Body Brush
  • Pre knotted legs
  • Pre tied tail
  • 40mm BG Shanks
  • EVA foam ears
  • Instructions

 Same day delivery if ordered before 10:00 am Brisbane, Australia time