Dahlberg Divers (Deerhair Divers)

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As most people who flyfish know, Deerhair is extremely hard to beat for a topwater fly, and the most popular of those is the Dahlberg Diver. Developed by legendary innovator Larry Dahlberg, the fly is used with a floating line as a surface presentation or with a sinking line as a streamer. The Dahlberg Diver is so diverse in its use that it covers all bases for the fishes mood. The fly can be blooped as load as any GT popper, it can be waked, it can be ticked along in fast or slow short stabby retrieves, it can fish well at rest and as mentioned earlier it can be fished on a fast sinking line.

Not a fast fly to tie at all, and prices are based on the time they take to tie. Only the highest quality Deerhair (available from Beast Brushes) is used. These flies are tied for extreme durability. Underside cut is primed with \Solarez Bone dry, then coated in Soalrez Thin, the collars are primed with Bone dry then coated with Solarez Flex. The eyes are always recessed into the hair, for durability. Only top quality Ahrex irons are used with the hair stacked on with GSP thread and flat waxed mono for the tails. All threads are glued throughout the build as is the tungsten weight that is used to keel the fly to ensure your fly lands perfectly. Weedguards added on request, please specify the size of the mono required.

For colours, a combination of the colours seen here on this website under the "Create" - "Natural Materials" - "Belly Hair" pathway are the only colours possible.