Cortland Guide Series 8 wt combo


Stock on hand !!

Fly Rod combo's are how most people get into flyfishing. The convenience of a matched rod to the reel with a line to suit, takes the guess work out of the sometimes confusing range or rods/ reels/ lines on offer. The Cortland guide series offers the perfect combo for Saltwater and Freshwater natives. The Rod is an 8 weight which will handle medium size pelagic fish like Trevally, Salmon as well  Estuary brutes like Barra or Mangrove Jack, but also Freshwater favourites like Bass, Murray Cod, Carp and Saratoga. Upgrade to a sinking line and you got a great rod for Snapper and Deep schooling Bass too. All these species without upgrading the rod, the reel or the backing for many years to come. 

The action of the rod is fast, just like the high end rods that fetch $1500, this really lends itself to wind resistant heavy flies and turning fish. Featuring Snake Guides, alignment dots, a high grade cork grip ( including fighting butt)  with a double locking ring aluminium reel seat The reel is a composite reel with a generous centre disk drag stack. The reel can be swapped from left to right hand easily with just a screwdriver in less than 5 minutes with no prior skill. Loaded with 30lb Dacron backing and a weight forward army green Cortland floating line. 

This would have to be the best value for money combo on the market today if your wanting to start Saltwater Flyfishing or get into flyfishing for Australian Natives. The combo comes with a 1 year warranty too !! Incredible value !!