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Contraband Crab Kit


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The Contraband Crab ( as developed by innovative fly tyer, Drew Chicone) is a fly that will get anyone off the ground as a proficient crab fly artist.

It is said that crab flies are more crafting than fly tying, and although the definition of a fly is well and truly met here, the saying is probably not far from the truth.

The contraband crab is the basis for so so many modern crab flies for all sorts of modern species such as Tuskies, Harry Hot Lips, Bream, Goldies, Permit, Blue Bastards, Whiting, Blue Groper, Mangrove Jack and Queenies, juts to name a few

The kit includes the following - 

  • 6 Carapaces of one size ( Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large)
  • Round rubber legs keep 2 joined to make square legs ( unknotted so you can make them how you want)
  • 6 pairs of Epoxy Eyes
  • Ultra Chenille for the claws ( Unknotted so you can make them how you want them)
  • Tungsten Dumbell Eye ( varies from size of kit) 

Follow the photo essay here that shows SBS on how to tie the fly

To complete the tie you will need glue ( Liquid Fusion or Zap Clear), Danvillle's 210 thread and basic tools.