Blurple Box 7 Piece Tool Kit


The Blurple (Black n Purple) Box is a seven piece tool kit that consists of 7 commonly used fly tying tool. The 7 tools have been small batch manufactured for durability and aesthetics and a presented in a tough ABS cm lock case for storage and transport. These tools will suit both the beginner and advanced fly tyer, who ties flies for both fresh and saltwater species. In addition to the quality, you will save around $100 when compared to similarly shaped tools. 

The Blurple Box consists of the following tools;

  • Large Bobbin Holder
  • large Whip Finish Tool
  • Steel Dubbing Brush
  • Alligator Clip n Hook Dubbing Spinner
  • High Tensile Bodkin Needle 
  • Hand Ground 3.5 Inch General Purpose Scissors
  • Hand Ground Arrow Point Scissors
  • ABS Cam Lock Case

At Beast Brushes we believe in uncompromising quality, but if we can get tools made in the same place as some of the worlds most popular tools and then pass on a better price because our branded products don't pass through a distributors hands, then we will definitely pass that on.. Don't pay too much and don't suffer poor quality !!