Bleeding Baitfish 4/0

Bleeding Baitfish 4/0 

This Hybrid Fly is a good choice when quick presentation is needed as they cast well and shed water on the back cast.  At around 4.5 inches / 12 cm it's a good smaller size for large Predatory fish (larger flies can be requested) such as Kingfish. They are very lively in the water with the Hollow tied section in back of the fly and the Bulk head pushes water which allows the tail fibers to move.

Tied with Yowie Fibers Tail and collar, Strung Fuzzy Fiber Head and artificial Jungle cock eyes.

Gamakatsu SL12 4/0 hook.

Inspiration for this fly Bob Popovics and Gunnar Brammer.

Price is per fly and cannot be shipped with products outside of Hackett's Fly's products without separate shipping