A Grade Grizzly Saddle Hackle


Saddle purchased with custom dye between the 7th and 15th of December will ship on the 16th due to machine maintenance. 

These are probably the best saddles ever to pass through our shop... If there was an A plus grade, it would be it, but without the exorbitant price tag. Finding saddles of this quality and that offer this yield for under $120 is probably going to take you a while to find... but while you are looking... these will surely sell out.

A Grade is based on the consistency of the feathers... This means that they are for the majority, the same width, have a great pattern and have no splits or missing tips. They are also narrower than the standard grizzly we get in. 

We can dye these with a 48hr turnaround. We can dye Tan/ Hot Pink/ Chartreuse/ Orange/ Purple/ Olive and Yellow... any colour you can think of really...