UV Cure Resins

We are now stocking the very impressive RaidZap UV resin and RaidZap torch that are from Denmark which is made by fly tiers for fly tiers !!

RaidZap is the first  UV resin in the world that  exhibits far far superior qualities regarding adhesion, tack free and flexibility than any resin that we have seen in the past. We understand there are laws around false advertising, but everything regarding super clear finishes, non toxic to humans or animals, incredible and unparalleled quality has been 100% correct. 

RaidZap is not a by product of another industry, its is made by a very small Danish company that is rapidly gaining world wide attention by providing a next level product for fly tiers who are concerned about quality, their own health and the environment.

RaidZap is packaged in recycled material and all the packaging is recyclable. We highly recommend not discarding your packaging into general waste, please recycle.