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HMH Starter Tube Tool kit


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The HMH Tube fly tool kit essentially turns your existing vice into a tube fly vice. The kit contains The adaptor that fits in any vice that is capable of holding a 2/0 hook, 2 x stainless steel mandrel pins, a sample of small and large diameter tube, a sample of large and small junction tube. The amount of samples in each pack with allow you to tie approximately 10-12 Tube flies for Saltwater and Freshwater native flies.

Tube flies for Australian Saltwater and Freshwater Native flies are extremely underrated, yet wildly popular for Marlin flies. Tubes are surely set to take off as they provide even more options with flies

So why tubes?  Aside from opening up a whole new dynamic for fly design there are many other reasons too choose to fish a tube fly, but the big two that I can think of are these two;

  • Reducing leverage when fighting a bigger fish.  When using a long shank hook, there is a greater chance of a larger fish using leverage and throwing your hook.  when using a short shank hook stays pinned much better.
  • Hook preservation.  For example...  If you are fishing a fly built on the hook and you hit the hook point on say a rock it will go blunt quickly.  Yeah you can sharpen it, but it will probably not have that crisp new hook point on it anymore.  With a tube, you just tie on a new hook, simples.