4.5” Beast Brushes Trimming Scissors


Traditionally, a pair of high carbon stainless steel, 4.5" scissors would be called hair scissors, so we are not claiming to have invented them, its just that when all scissors are not created equal, knowing the type you want is important.

If your here at Beast Brushes, chances are your trimming and shaping synthetic brushes or using some of the finest grade natural hair available, so for those instances, we have found this configuration of common scissor assembly to be the best. As mentioned, high carbon steel, which is great for chomping through the occasional dubbing brush wire or thick bit of Belly Hair hide. The pointed tip is excellent for picking trapped hairs out while winding brushes on or for freeing stacked Deerhair (warning, it is a very sharp point).

What we like the best is the control you have to trim your synthetic Game Changers. Beast Brushes Trimming Scissors are made with one serrated blade and a straight blade. That configuration not only grips as it cuts, but also trims the most delicate fibres also, ensuring a super neat trim without stray hairs. There really is no perfect allrounder when it comes to scissors, but for this price, it's definitely easy to not take too much of a hit to have some specialised scissors laying around, especially if the above scenarios apply to you.