Beechy Brush


 Developed in collaboration with Chris Adams (Ammo Flies)  and Chris Beech ( Flymax Australia) the Beechy Brush is a 10mm wide brush that is quite sparse and also features fine rubber legs. Through the trial and error, the colour was carefully selected for gin clear skinny saltwater flats, this intended use also led to the amount of material used. Extra fine rubber legs also create a lot of movement at rest, perfect for when leading spooky fish. There is no flash in this brush as it was decided that the sheen level alone would be enough as nothing looks as unnatural as flash on a spawning shrimp trying to hide in a foot of water. As mentioned the brush is only 10mm (on average +_ 2mm) wide, this allows the fly tier to virtually eliminate trimming, in addition the density of materials will allow a fly to get to the bottom, land correctly and look alive!!

3 x 30cm brushes per pack

Same day delivery if ordered before 11:00 am Brisbane, Australia time