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Bass Vampire


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The Bass Vampire is probably the single most productive Australian Bass fly ever seen. Originally developed by SEQ Bass Tournament legend, John Schofield, this version employs modern materials that expand on the thought process behind the original fly. Utilizing our Yowie Fibre for the wing, the purple reflects much more visible UV light as opposed to the original fly with Slinky Fibre, we also have used our glow brass eyes that are unique to Beast Brushes. These Brass/ Glow eyes use the well known theory of how well Bass react to a gold reflective colour in fresh water compared to other materials in addition to the sublime green luminesce that our proprietary glow eye offers as compared to white glow or fluoro eyes. Either way, you cant argue the results with many people already fishing this fly in highly pressured Queensland and NSW impoundments telling of cricket score captures of Australian Bass when previous outings resulted in 1 or 2 fish all day. There is a reason this fly is so popular and there are many reasons why there is only one size and one colour option, too many to list here, but if you have the time, checkout this podcast that highlights everything you need to know regarding impoundment Bass on fly -  Tied to specification by Axel from Free Hand Flies.

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